Claire Tortorelli

Claire Tortorelli


Department of Plant Sciences

I use field, remote sensing, and modeling methods to investigate how vegetation responds to and influences disturbances, including drought and wildfire, at community and landscape-scales. I aim to develop co-produced, actionable science to inform management actions and promote balanced and resilient ecosystems. During my PhD at Oregon State University, I worked with managers to better understand the drivers and impacts of a recently introduced invasive annual grass, Ventenata dubia, in Oregon forests and rangelands. Currently, my research is focused on predicting the drivers of fire severity in areas that have experienced multiple fires and understanding long-term forest recovery following severe wildfire.

  • Plants
  • fire
  • drought
  • invasive species
  • community ecology
  • landscape ecology
  • PhD Forest Ecology, 2022

    Oregon State University

  • B.S. Forest Biology, 2015

    Colorado State University